The discussion about the permanent president in the Congress party is once again intensifying. Recently there was a lot of ruckus in the party regarding the permanent president. After this Sonia Gandhi formed a new Election Committee under the chairmanship of senior party leader Madhusudan Mistry to hold elections in the organization with the formation of a new Working Committee. According to media reports, this election committee has now started work on the electoral process. It is being told that the Election Committee will be ready to conduct the election of 12 members of the Working Committee including the post of the President of the party in a month. Also, the Congress President will be informed in this regard.After this, a meeting of the working committee will be called and suggestions will be given to the Election Committee from taking out the notification to conducting the election. The process of holding the working committee elections, including the new chairman, is going on in January. Due to this, the Congress Party will get its new president in January 2020. Congress is not going to have a general election this time. This time only AICC members will be able to vote in the elections. The reconstituted working committee will also submit its resignation before the election and a new working committee will be elected.The question is also whether Rahul Gandhi will be able to contest the election on the insistence of not being the president? Rahul Gandhi has spoken about not becoming president. Recently, many senior leaders, angry with the leadership of the party, wrote a letter to Sonia Gandhi, demanding the appointment of a new permanent president. There was a lot of ruckus about this letter. Sonia bluntly said that the party should choose its new president as soon as possible.