The disputed National Security Act has come into force in Hong Kong. With this, China now fears that Hong Kong's youth will rebel and start demonstrating. So he is determined to subdue the new generation of Hong Kong. China's Jinping government has started teaching loyalty to China in Hong Kong's schools and colleges.

Dragon has erased the 7000-year-old history of Hong Kong. Along with spending 100 million dollars (726 crores), he has written new history books. One of these books is 800 pages. In this, China has praised itself and described itself as the protector of Hong Kong. These books cover major sites including the People's Liberation Army of China and the Great Wall of China.

Experts believe that when massively contradictory protests erupted in 2019, pro-Beijing officials blamed the education system for promoting liberal values ​​and radicalizing Hong Kong. Young children also participated in that demonstration. China wants to present itself as a 'hero' to Hong Kong's children.

Through these books, children will learn patriotism towards China in the name of the security of the country. That means they will learn not to rebel from China altogether. A report states that not only Hong Kong, but also the people of Macau will learn the lesson of considering themselves as part of China. China also considers Macau as its share. It is the special administrative region of China. China entrusted it to Portugal in 1999 under an agreement.

Tianmen massacre also removed

In 1989, there was a mass movement to restore democracy. During that time, more than one lakh students had gathered at Tianmen Square in Beijing. To impose this rebellion, China imposed martial law. Then the protesters were killed with cannons and tanks. China has also removed this historical event from the books.