Although the farmer believes in doing his traditional farming only, but a farmer from Madhya Pradesh did the traditional farming instead of it. And then it changed the fate of that farmer. He is getting four times the price of his crop. For the past few years, there has been continuous news about black wheat in social media. In which it is being said that for the first time black wheat is being cultivated in India and it not only sells many times more expensive than normal wheat but it has the ability to fight many diseases including cancer and diabetes.

Black wheat is said to have about 60 percent higher iron concentration than normal wheat. However, the amount of protein, nutrients and starch remains the same. Black wheat is not generally cultivated in India, but a farmer from Dhar district in Madhya Pradesh has grown a black wheat crop.

A farmer named Vinod Chauhan of Dhar district in Madhya Pradesh harvested black wheat during the Rabi season. The special thing is that 12 states are demanding this special wheat of theirs, due to which this wheat is proving to be gold for them. Vinod has developed a special crop by cultivating new methods instead of traditional farming. Black wheat is a rare crop. But Vinod has cultivated this crop on 20 bighas of land. Rare crop and demand from 12 states is like shining luck for them.

According to Vinod, he had sown 500 kg of black wheat, which has led to 200 quintal (1 quintal = 100 kg) crop. That is, they have 200 quintals of rare black wheat. As far as price is concerned, Vinod will get twice the price of its normal wheat. As mentioned, it is better for health, that is why the price will also be higher for it.c