BJP leader Sonali Phogat, who contested against Congress leader Kuldeep Bishnoi from Adampur Assembly constituency in Hisar, Haryana, has given a slap receipt to the officer due to a minor dispute. At the same time, a video on social media is also going viral, in which Sonali is slapping the employee and scolding her. Sonali also said angrily that how dare you speak like this. Do you not have mothers and sisters in your house? It is being told that Sonali went to Phogat with the issue of farmers, after which there was a dispute about building a shed there. Both sides are accusing each other. At the moment, police action is still on.

For your information, tell us that the viral video is being told on Friday afternoon. It is claimed that someone standing in the Balsamand Temporary Market made it. In this, Sonali Phogat is telling the staff of the market committee that the number of slaps you get is less. Saying this, Sonali Phogat slapped the employee, after which the secretary started gagging and crying while holding her head.

According to the news, tell me that Sonali Phogat said how did you say this? : Sonali said that there is no word for anyone from my mouth. To kill is a distant thing. Don't you have a mother and sister in your house? Think about what you said these words. Quit working - Who taught you to make a woman joke lewd. Sonali Phogat said to call the station in-charge. People standing around were seen supporting Sonali Phogat. The employee was sitting on the plank and giving his clarification