There is not only enthusiasm across the country for the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya, but there is a lot of enthusiasm among the people of Indian society abroad. People of the Indian community are excited about this in America as well. Before the Bhoomi Poojan in Ayodhya, it was celebrated in Washington DC, the USA in its style. Happiness can be seen on their faces.

People from the Indian community gathered outside Capitol Hill in Washington DC to celebrate Bhoomi Poojan in Ayodhya. The saffron flag is seen in his hands, while he is wearing similar clothes. He took out the tableau and also displayed digital photographs of the Ram temple. Earlier, people of the Indian community here had said that they would perform special poojas in temples here on this special occasion.

In America, this tableau has been taken out at a time when there is a festive atmosphere in Ayodhya regarding land worship. The foundation stone for the temple construction has been organized in Ayodhya, for which Prime Minister Narendra Modi has left for Ayodhya. The ground-breaking program has been almost finalized in Ayodhya amidst hard preparations from where panoramic pictures are continuously coming out.

Earlier, organizers were informed about the display of three-dimensional images of Lord Ram and the grand Ram temple on a huge billboard in Times Square, New York. Jagdish Sehwani, chairman of the US India Public Affairs Committee, had said that in addition to the huge Nasdaq screen, the 17,000 sq ft LED screen would display three-dimensional images.