There are many people who love animals very much and they are fond of raising animals in their home. In cities, you can see 'dogs' as pets in most homes. If we talk about the most loyal animals in the world, then the first name comes from dogs. Today, we are telling you about some animals, which if you grow up, you can be jailed for three years.

According to reports, Kanpur forestry division of Uttar Pradesh has banned it, calling the langur and parrot cradle unconstitutional. It has also been said that strict action will be taken against those who disobey orders. Let us tell you that action will be taken under the Wildlife Protection Act on capturing langurs and parrots. With this, the guilty person will have to pay jail or a fine of Rs 25 thousand for 3 years, or both can happen. This order has been issued by Arvind Kumar Yadav Divisional Director Social Forestry Division, Kanpur.

It is written in the order that if any person or institution is found to be in captive condition of a langur or parrot, then that person will be guilty of an offense against the Wildlife Protection Act-1972 (as amended) and for 3 years if the charge is proved on him. Will be sent to jail or a fine of up to 25 thousand rupees can also be charged. Under special circumstances the offender may face both jail and fine.