(Kuldeep Signoria) The economy has come down, it has come. Now it will go upwards. Look at lockdown and unlock only. The situation is getting better in every unlock. We have a huge domestic demand of our own. This demand is sufficient to return the economy to normalcy. Niranjan Hiranandani, national president of industry organization Assocham and real estate developers' organization Nardeko, said this in an interview

Hiranandani said that due to Corona there is a wave of negative sentiment in the world against China. Many manufacturing units will move from China. Many factories have been closed there recently. Most of these migrated to Vietnam and some also migrated to Bangladesh.

Now India will have to improve the Ease of Doing business to attract such production units. Policy decisions and implementation have to be expedited. He said that in the meantime, the PLI scheme launched by the central government would give a boost to manufacturing.

Corona era taught every sector something: Niranjan Hiranandani

Question: What lessons have industries learned from Coronavirus?
Answer: The biggest lesson is that it takes just a minute to change everything. And this has always happened. Change is the most permanent factor. Now we just need to adapt to any changed circumstances. Meaning that according to Coronavirus, we should adapt our life and business.

Question: What is the impact of Corona on real estate?
Answer: Talking about the real estate industry, the new change is very important. Now home is very important for people because of work from home culture. So the biggest investment will be in the house All these factories have to be included in the real estate sector. Do we have to see what the new criteria for Corona will look like for a house? What things will be required in the house to do all the work from home? How should the design be done?

Question: What are the challenges facing the real estate sector?

Answer: 2019 was positive for the real estate sector, and we expected 2020 to be a year of growth. But the lockdown affected. The government should ensure that there is cash to complete incomplete projects. There is a dire need for a one-time loan rollover. The government should understand that there are more than 250 ancillary industries associated with real estate.