Gadgets are becoming an important part of our lives and the latest example of this has come up recently. An Apple Watch saved the life of a 61-year-old man. R. Swan is a retired pharma business serving professionals. Which uses Apple Watch Series 5 and with its help, also watches ECG daily. He decided to keep a vigil with him in March after a sudden illness. He gave the watch as a gift to his son Siddharth, who is studying at Harvard University.

However, Siddharth said that you can check the ECG function given in Apple Watch. One day at midnight my father's heartbeat was found to be abnormal, as well as two to three times irregular. His condition was critical. Even after repeated checks when no change in the result was observed. So he contacted his doctor. However, flamingos have never suffered from high blood pressure. He also has no heart disease.

Further investigation revealed that Hans has a reduced injection fracture and needed to have surgery as soon as possible. The surgery was delayed amid restrictions imposed by COVID-19, but Swan continued to investigate the ECG of its Apple Watch. After his father's successful surgery, Siddharth informed Cook about it, then the CEO tweeted and replied, "Thank you Siddharth for sharing it." I am glad to know that your father's medical care was received on time and I hope that he is now better than ever. Our team will be connected to you.