Amazon has now introduced Mobile Only Prime Video plan in India like Netflix. Users can enjoy a month of video content for just Rs 89. Airtel prepaid users can avail free trial for 30 days. New Delhi, Tech Desk. Amazon has launched 'Prime Video Mobile Edition', the world's first mobile only video plan in India. This edition has been introduced in collaboration with telecom company Airtel. After which Airtel users will be able to enjoy the high quality entertainment service. The company has announced that Prime Video Mobile Edition is a single-user Mobile Only Video plan specifically designed for countries like India that prioritize mobiles. Under Prime Video Mobile Edition, the company has introduced four plans simultaneously and its initial price is Rs 89.

This is a single user plan and it can be enjoyed in streaming SD quality. With Airtel, all prepaid users will be able to avail the free trial of Prime Video for 30 days. To avail free subscription, users can go to Airtel Thanks App and sign up for Amazon through their Airtel mobile number there. After the free trial is over, customers can activate the mobile edition through the recharge bundle. Only Rs 89 will have to be paid for this. This photo is taken from the company's official website. Samsung Galaxy M02s will be available for sale in India from January 19, listing on Amazon Also read India has become the first Amazon Prime country in the world offering a Mobiled Only Prime Video Video plan for users. Affordable data and smartphones are present in almost every corner and have become the most preferred platform for entertainment in the country. Keeping this in mind, Amazon has launched Prime Video Mobile Edition in association with Bharti Airtel.

This photo is taken from the company's official website. Whatsapp shocked, Telegram gets 25 million new users in 72 hours Also read Airtel prepaid users will be able to avail free trial for 30 days. After this, if users want to continue Prime Video Mobile Edition through prepaid recharge, then they have to pay 89 rupees. This is the company's introductory offer and it will get 6GB of data with Prime Video Mobile Edition for 28 days. Apart from this, users can also take a pack of Rs 299 with a validity of 28 days in which Prime Video Mobile Edition can avail unlimited calls and 1.5GB daily data