It is seen that the people who use the phone are always concerned about the safety of their phone and it does not hang and they use it well to keep all your information safe in it. But now think if your phone hangs or goes bad due to a photo. Yes, something similar is happening because of a picture in which someone's phone hangs when the wallpaper is applied to a photo, then someone's factory reset. While sharing the photo, Twitter user @UniverseIce warned, please never make this picture a wallpaper, especially Samsung mobile users! Yes, this can cause your phone to crash! Do not try it. If someone sends you this picture, ignore it. But what was the problem?

Please tell that this news had become viral on Twitter. Even people said that there is a possibility of phone crashes. People also complained that when they tried this, their phone got rebooted along with it. According to the information received, the photograph was captured by a scientist by profession and a photographer Gaurav Aggarwal. He lives in San Diego, USA. In 2019, he captured this photo of St. Mary's Lake in Glacier National Park, Montana. He went here with his wife. He took this picture with his Nikon camera.

With this, he came home and edited this photo in Lightroom. He then uploaded it to Flickr. They had no idea that this photo could crash any Android phone. It happened that while editing, he selected the mode, which was right for the iPhone. Because they had an iPhone. He had no issue with this photo. A Twitter user named Nemo said that the standard Red Green Blue format is followed in Android phones. Although it gets updated in Android 11, the color space system converts itself. But in Android 10, it is a problem due to the photo format. So understand, everything is a game of color space.