In many countries, zoom has gained immense popularity as a remote meeting software. It is known for its reliability and ease of use in different countries. Many institutes, whether official or educational, are holding meetings from the zoom call itself.

For your information, please tell that the ruling government in Mexico held a meeting with its leaders on a zoom call. All the ministers of the government were present in it. The case is dated 29 May. All the leaders, senators involved in the government were present in this meeting. Then 66-year-old Senator Martha Lucia Meicher woke up and started taking off her clothes in front of everyone. Seeing this, everyone involved in the meeting was surprised. Whose pictures are becoming very viral on social media. Which you can see in this post.

The meeting was also attended by leaders of the National Regeneration Movement Political Party, employees of the Bank of Mexico and several journalists. In front of them, the senator removed his clothes. This meeting was held regarding the impact on the economic situation of the country due to Corona. Senator Martha apologized the most after the incident. He said that it happened by mistake. He did a video off before changing clothes. But by mistake they just muted the audio and started changing clothes.