When people take a new vehicle, it is always their endeavor to keep the number of vehicle special. Now recently online booking for High-Security Number Plate (HSRP) and Color Coded Stickers in Delhi is starting again from November 1, 2020.

Let us tell you that the system of online booking was temporarily stopped by the state government a few weeks ago, but now the decision was taken under the chairmanship of Transport Minister Kailash Gehlot. According to the news, the drivers of home delivery facilities will have to pay a fee of 100 to 200 rupees.

Please tell that the government has also said that at every stage the customer will be informed through SMS. After installing the new high-security number plate, your vehicle will be more secure. The main purpose of installing this number plate is to monitor the vehicles and prevent incidents of theft. Not only this, the option of home delivery of high-security number plate and color-coded stickers will also be given.

If the HSRP manufacturer is to be believed, then its booking will start from November 1 and the work will be started from November 7. This color-coded sticker is required for the identification of vehicles based on their fuel type, with light blue for petrol and CNG and orange for diesel vehicles. They provide information on the redistribution number, the redistribution office, a laser-branded pin, and the vehicle's engine and chassis number.

Prices vary

Let me tell you that it costs different to get this plate installed. For example, cars can be charged from Rs 600 to 1000 and on two-wheeler vehicles from 300 to 400 rupees. The High-Security Number Plate is designed keeping in mind the safety and convenience of vehicles. According to the information received, this number is written by a pressure machine. This plate has a type of pin that will attach to your vehicle. Once this pin catches the plate from your vehicle, it will lock on both sides and will not open from anyone.
How to apply online

This rule has started changing with the number 1 and its online process is also very easy. For this, you have to go to the bookmyhsrp.com/index.aspx website. Then after this, you have to choose an option related to private or public vehicles and then you have to give information. If the driver has a registration plate in his car and needs to install a sticker, he will have to visit the portal www.bookmyhsrp.com. After this change, people will get fancy and small numbers for their vehicles easily.