In India, even though the situation of women has become better than before, the reductions like rape, domestic violence, molestation, acid attack are still common. In cities like Delhi, UP, Haryana, crimes like women are common. According to new figures from NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau), then every 4 rapes and 3 murders cases occur in Haryana.
NCAB Bureau's Shocking Report

The NCAB bureau has presented the report of 'Crime in India-2019' on the previous day, according to which I.P. Under the (Indian Penal Code), a total of 32 lakh 25 thousand 701 crimes have been reported against women. Whereas in the year 2018, this number was 31 lakh 32 thousand 955.

Cases are increasing continuously in the country

Special and Local Law S.L.L. In the year 2019, 19 lakh 30 thousand 471 crimes were committed, while in the year 2018, 19 lakh 41 thousand 680 criminal cases were reported. Thus in the year 2019, a total of 51 lakh 56 thousand 172 cognizable (cognizable) offenses occurred in the country whereas in 2018, 50 lakh 74 thousand 635 crime cases were registered. According to the year 2018 data, criminal cases increased by 1.6% in the year 2019. Last year, 62.6% of IPC crimes And the remaining 37.4% were recorded in SLL. A total of 51 lakh 56 thousand 172 F.I.Rs were registered in the country.
There were fewer criminal cases in 2017

According to the report, a total of 1 lakh 66 thousand 336 crimes were registered in Haryana in 2019, out of which 1 lakh 11 thousand 323 cases were of IPC. At the same time, 55 thousand 13 special and local laws S.L.L. Were in A total of 1 lakh 91 thousand 229 criminal incidents occurred in Haryana in the year 2018 whereas in the year 2017 this figure was 2 lakh 24 thousand 816. If seen, according to this, there are 24893 decreases in Haryana in one year whereas in the last 2 years there has been a decrease of 58 thousand 480.

4 rapes and 3 murders every day in Haryana

IPC in the last 2 years More crime has been registered in Thad of Haryana. 97 thousand 924 in the year 2017 and 1 lakh 8 thousand 212 in the year 2018. Whereas in the year 2019, this figure was 1 lakh 11 thousand 223. A total of 28 thousand 918 murder cases have been registered in the year 2019, out of which 29 thousand 928 people lost their lives. Explain that there were 1137 murders in Haryana, in which 1178 people lost their lives. Similarly, in the year 2019, 3 persons died daily.

While in the year 2019, a total of 32033 crimes were committed, of which the total victims were 32260. Of these, there were 1480 cases of Haryana i.e. 4 previous daily rapes in the state. Explain that Haryana is number 7 in all states of the country and UP in crime like rape. It is followed by states like Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, and Assam.
How many convicts got punished?

Advocate Hemant reported that S.L.L. These include the Dowry Prohibition Act (1961), Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act (2005), (Prostitution Law) Poxo Act (2012), Immoral Trade (Prevention) Act (1956), IT Act (Information Technology Act 2000). At the same time, Murder, Section 302 I.P.C. Comes in

Surprisingly, in the year 2019, a total of 48 thousand 553 cases of murder were reported in the country, whereas a charge sheet of 85% of cases has been filed. At the same time, a trial of 2 lakh 24 thousand 747 casos took place, in which 6961 convicts were sentenced.

In rape, the figure was around 42%. A total of 45 thousand 536 cases were investigated by the police, in which 81.5% of the cases were filed. After the trial of 1 lakh 62 thousand 741 caso trials, 4640 convicts proved guilty, so the conviction rate for rape was 27.8%.