Chennai Air Customs has thwarted two attempts of smuggling 4.77 kg of gold worth Rs 2.47 crore in the last two days. It has also arrested three people including a software engineer in the gold smuggling case.According to the Commissioner of Customs at Chennai International Airport, the Air Intelligence Unit notices a man Niyamuthullah Hadi, who arrived from Emirates on Monday from Dubai.

When the authorities searched him, two white packets were found from him, which contained 3.148 kg gold bars, valued at Rs 1.63 crore. Apart from this, gold jewelry was also found from him, whose weight was 48 grams, its value has been estimated at Rs 2.28 lakh.M. Nishalarvi, a software engineer from Info Soft Design Services Pvt Ltd, was also found involved in the gold smuggling, after which both were arrested.

Earlier on Sunday, smuggled gold was also recovered from passengers arriving from Dubai by another IndiGo flight from the Emirates flight.