Summer is about to come, now apply henna on your hair anytime. Nobody will stop you Apart from coloring, it also does hair conditioning. For better results, add egg in it too. It works to strengthen the hair. Also makes them Shiny and Silky. Only one at a time you will feel the difference. Let us know what benefits you will get by mixing egg and henna in your hair.
Moisturize the scalp

Hina dyes the hair but makes them dry. Applying it too long causes dandruff in the scalp. The best way to avoid this is by adding an egg to the henna. It balances the oil of the scalp and maintains moisture in the hair.

Reduce hair fall

Henna nourishes the hair from within. But keeping it for a long time causes hair breakage while washing. For this, you add an egg to the henna. Believe that hair fall will stop. The egg is a good source of protein. We all know how important protein is for the strength of our hair. After this do not shampoo, instead apply oil to the hair when it is dry.

Make hair bouncy

Eggs contain biotin and folate. Biotin is the most important nutrient for hair, due to which the hair starts to become white and thin. To make hair bouncy, apply egg in henna. Then see how your sleeping and wilted hair bounces even in summer.

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Keep hair healthy

Dryer, gel, and straightener damage the hair. While you are forced to use them due to your profession. In this case, apply egg yolk to the henna. It is like a superfood for hair. It also contains Biotin along with Vitamin-A and Vitamin-E. It keeps the hair healthy.

Keep natural strait

Usually, we mix egg white eggs in henna. Whereas to make hair shiny and strong, we should mix the egg yolk with henna. The yolk contains lutein. This keeps the hair naturally silky and straight. Applying it with henna will not only color your hair, but it will also become smooth and soft.

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Method of use

-If your hair is white and dry and lifeless, then apply egg yolk in the henna. Combine two 100g henna and two egg yolks in a glass bowl and leave overnight. Apply it the next morning. Apply a shower cap on the head after applying. This will not dry the henna. Keep it in the hair for 3 hours. -Add white to the henna for dandruff hair. Mix half a lemon or a small spoon of vinegar and keep it in the hair for 1 hour. -To conditioning, the hair, apply the whole egg mixed with henna. If you don't want to color the hair, keep it for half an hour only.

These tips will work for you

If you do not want the hair to be bouncy, then apply a small spoon of olive or coconut oil to the hair roots. This will make hair soft.

- Eggs should always be mixed in the hyena shortly before planting. Can keep overnight in a glass bowl. But do not keep it in an iron pan overnight. There is a fear of chemical reactions.

-If your hair is dry then try this process once a week. Keep in mind that you have to mix a little henna with two egg yolk. Do not apply it to hair instead of applying it on the scalp.