Some people say that what happens is only water and fiber. So they are wrong, there is a lot in this given boon of this nature. Which protects you from many types of diseases. Onion should be eaten in any form, it keeps the digestion right. Onions contain some juices which are helpful in digesting food.

Eating regular onions keeps the stomach fine and there is no problem of gas etc. People who have arthritis problem or who have frequent joint pain, must take onion. Organo sulfur is found in right amount in onion as compared to other vegetables. Which prevents stomach and intestinal cancer. Onion contains polyphenol which reduces the effects of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Onions contain vitamins A, B6C, and E as well as many important mineral salts such as sodium potassium which are very important for a pregnant woman. Keeps your heart beat right while running, does not allow the blood clot to form quickly which prevents cardiovascular diseases. Eating onions does not cause heatstroke. Prevents stomach ulcers also increases your work power.