Yogasana helps you get rid of many problems. Stress, distance from exercise, lack of fibrous foods to eat, not eating on time, are the reasons that cause stomach problems. It increases acidity, constipation, and indigestion problems. It can be got rid of with the help of yoga. For them, doing yoga postures like Yoga Mudra, Pavanmuktasana, and Sheetali Pranayama. Fall asleep with a back burner. Join both feet and keep it straight near the waist. Slowly bring the right leg near the chest and hold it with both hands. Do this again with the left leg.

Then do this exercise by bending both legs together. Wait a few seconds and come back. Digestive power is good. Beneficial for the spine. Relieves pain in the lower back. Sit in any asana or sukhasana for meditation. Keep the spine straight. Keep eyes closed and body normal. Pull your tongue out of your mouth. Fold the edge of the tongue in such a way that its shape becomes like a pipe. Now take a breath. Take the tongue in again. Close the mouth and exhale through the nose. It happened in a cycle. To do 8 to 10 cycles like this. Benefits: Provides coolness to body and mind. Helpful in the treatment of acidity.

It helps in controlling hunger and thirst. Helps reduce anger. Do not do this time: when the weather is polluted or it is very cold in the morning and night. Sit in the yoga posture Padmasana. Those who cannot sit in Padmasana can sit in Arpadasana or Sukhasana. Now hold the wrist of the other hand with one hand and burn it backward. Try to bring your forehead to the ground by slowly tilting the body forward. Exhale while doing. Take a few seconds to breathe slowly and then return to normal. Benefits: Relieves constipation, indigestion, acidity. Strengthens the muscles of the back, waist, and abdomen. Helps you reduce excess fat on the stomach.