Sleep is very important for a human being. Sleep is very important to stay healthy, so stay away from all worries, troubles, stress, etc., and should be relaxed. Many diseases, such as swelling in the eyes, loss of memory, laziness, fatigue, stress, weakness, hallucinations, imbalance, etc. occur when not getting enough sleep.

Every person takes an average of 8 hours of sleep daily. Sleep is also necessary for health, you cannot work for long time. It can also spoil our health. Many times there is a disease that is caused by sleep. That is, if you are not sleeping properly, then your health can suffer. Some interesting facts related to sleep….

We spend almost one third of our life in gold only. When we are happy we do not sleep much. Glitters sleep for 20 hours a day, the same giraffe sleeps only for 2 hours a day. Those who sleep less than 7 hours have a 30% chance of developing a cold. Can live for 2 months without eating. But we will be able to live for only 11 days without sleeping. Our ability to sniff at the time of sleeping completely disappears.