The Sushant Singh Rajput case is taking new turns every day. In this case, new revelations are happening every day. Along with CBI, NCB is also handling this case. Riya Chakraborty was arrested after a drug angle surfaced in the Sushant case but he has been granted relief by the Bombay High Court.

At the same time, according to the news, the statement of lawyer Satish Manashinde came out as soon as Riya was released from jail. In which he said that those who have tried to defame the actress or insult Riya and lie in this case will take legal action against those who mislead the case. At the same time, there are reports recently that Riya Sushant's girlfriend can take a big step against Ankita.

In fact, in some media reports recently, it is being claimed that Riya is now preparing to take action against Ankita. She can take action against him soon. Not only this, along with Ankita, she can take legal action against those who make statements against her. However, let us also tell you that there is no confirmation of this news yet nor has any statement of Riya come out on this.

Let us tell you that in the Sushant case, Riya and Ankita have had a verbal war on several occasions. She has targeted each other many times. However, Ankita even shared the post for her several times while telling Riya a bad choice. Now, how much truth is there in this news, nothing can be said on this, but Ankita's difficulties may increase if Riya takes such a step.