Mauni Amavasya has special significance in Hinduism, which is on the 11th of February. It is considered to be the most virtuous and Mokshadayini Amavasya. Not only this, on this day, Moon and 6 planets in Shravan Nakshatra are making Mahayoga in Capricorn, which is also known as "Sir Yoga". In yoga, bathing of Aquarius and worshiping ancestors is considered auspicious.
What is Mauni Amavasya?

The Amavasya that falls in the month of Magha is called "Mauni Amavasya", the tradition of observing a silent fast. It is a Mahavrata based on yoga. According to the scriptures, keeping silent on the day of Mauni Amavasya means keeping silent. Even if you are not keeping silent, do not remove bitter, insulting, and bitter words from your mouth. On this day, avoid speaking angry and abusive words to anyone.
Shashthi planets being formed after 382 years

By donating sesame and lamp to Lord Vishnu on Mauni Amavasya, happiness and prosperity remain in the house and money-related troubles are also overcome. 382 years later, on this Amavasya, Shashthi planets are being formed. Earlier on 26 January 1637, Saturn entered Capricorn. Now on 29 April 2022, Saturn will change its zodiac sign and enter Aquarius.
Amavasya is special

The Amavasya of Magh month is also special because its ruler is Shani Dev himself. In this case, doing charity on this day gives manifold results. Apart from this, Shani Dev is also pleased by serving patients on this day. Also, donating oil, sesame-jaggery, grains, amla, clothes, and shoes is auspicious on this day.

Magha Amavasya 2021 date and auspicious time-

February 11, 2021 - Amavasya begins from 01:48
February 12, 2021 - New moon ends at 00:37
Sir Yoga and Punya Kaal - till 11 February, 2:05 minutes
Salvation comes from every sin

Taking a bath in the Ganges or any holy river on this day also has special significance. According to beliefs, on this day the Gods and Goddesses reside in the Ganges and the holy rivers, so bathing the Ganges is considered important on this day. It has also been called a virtuous month like Karthik. On the banks of the Ganges, this Karanbhakta people make a cottage for one month and consume the Ganges. It is believed that it gives freedom from physical (physical), physical (sins committed unknowingly), divine (misuse of planets, transits) sins.

According to mythology, when Lord Dhanvantari appeared with the Amrit Kalash from the Sagar Manthan, then a few drops of nectar fell in Allahabad Haridwar Nashik and Ujjain in the battle of gods and demons. Therefore, bathing in the rivers here is considered as bathing in nectar.

Mauni Amavasya fasting rule

. In the morning, bathe in the river, lake, or holy tank and offer arghya to the sun god. After this, keep the fast as far as possible.
. Also, worship the Peepal tree along with Lord Vishnu. Also, make some poor and hungry people get food.
. Donate grains, clothes, sesame-jaggery, amla, etc. to the cow house. You can also donate cow, gold, or land.
. Like every Amavasya, remember and pay tribute to the fathers on Magh Amavasya. This will give them salvation.