Increasing weight is becoming a problem for many people in today's lifestyle. But people like Varun Marwah are an inspiration to people struggling with this problem. People struggling with obesity often fall prey to lewd comments. This not only hurts his confidence, but he even starts hating himself.

In such a situation, people left with this problem have only two options. The first is to tolerate everything and ignore these things. Second, work hard and give a befitting reply. Out of these, Varun opted for the second option and in just 9 months had lost 16 kg with hard work and a good diet.

Name: Varun Marwah
Profession: Banker
Age: 27 years
Length: 5 feet 9 inches
City: New Delhi
Was so much Weight: 94 kg
Weightless: 16 kg
Time to lose weight: 9 months
Diet was the first thing to improve

To lose weight, first of all, you have to change your diet. Varun did something similar. Varun shared his diet chart with us

Lunch - In the afternoon he takes 3 chapattis, lentils, and some rice. Apart from this, if he consumes vegetables during the day, then he also includes yogurt or raita and a lot of salad, such as cucumber, carrot, beetroot in lemon juice, etc.
Sometimes they also make pickles and papad.
Dinner - Varun says that dinner is as simple as lunch. He does not eat anything special during this time.
Pre-work-out miles - Work out at 5:30 in the morning and 4:30 in the summer. And do not eat anything before exercise, only drink water.
Post work out - Lemonade and an apple with black salt.
Cheat Day Diet - Varun says that he himself has been a chef so he rarely likes outside food. So he eats home-made pizza, dal makhani, garlic bread, chickpeas kulche, and veg burgers.
Low-Calorie Food - Green salad and home-made masala oats.
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Worked out so much for weight loss

The right diet is necessary to lose weight, the more important it is to exercise. Varun also worked very hard to lose weight. Their exercise routine was something

Varun says that he runs 7-10 km daily. Play 1.5 hours of badminton and exercise for at least half an hour in the gym. Varun not only cleanses, brooms, pocha dusting to burn calories but also at home. Apart from this, after the meal, he also goes out for a walk.

The secret to losing weight- Varun says that if a person is determined then nothing is impossible. Apart from this, good food and dispel is the secret to staying fit.

It was a difficult time

Varun says that the most difficult time for him was when he was listening to the taunts and advice of people due to weight gain. Apart from this, his clothes also became a problem for him, because he could not fit in with anyone due to weight gain.

Virat Kohli is an inspiration

Varun says that when I feel tired or low energy, I look at Virat Kohli. His dedication to fitness is very inspiring.

Varun keeps taking breaks from time to time and also exercises from time to time. He says that since November 2020, he has lightened his exercise a bit, and that is because he now wants to strengthen his core. He says that he will start basic core exercises in the month of February.

Disappointed at this time

Varun was very disappointed on the day when he had very few choices about clothes. Apart from this, what was there was not fitting them.

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Learn from Varun's story

This story of our hero learns that patience is the only key to success. If you take the wrong step, it can put you in big problems. So stay fit, stay focused and stay healthy.