The seasons are changing. Sometimes it gets cloudy and sometimes it starts raining. So sometimes the sun goes out and the heat gets faster. The risk of developing viral fever is highest in such weather. Thus, once you have a fever, you have to go to the doctor.

But today we are telling you many home remedies that help improve your immunity and fever will also go away soon. Let us know about this treatment. Ginger is also very beneficial for the body. Ginger also produces heat in our bodies. In case of fever due to a change of season, ginger is boiled and drunk.

For this, you mix some turmeric, sugar, and black pepper powder with ginger and boil it. This boil will cure your fever soon. Tulsi plant is considered very excellent. Tulsi purifies and purifies the atmosphere of the house. Using basil leaves gives you relief from your fever. You pour water into a pot and boil crushed cloves and basil leaves in it and drink this water every 2 hours. It is said to soak a clove of garlic in honey and consume it after some time. So soon, these tips will cure your fever.