In our kitchen, many spices work to take care of health while enhancing the taste of food. One of them is fennel. Fennel has vitamins, fiber, calcium, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties. Eating it daily after meals clears the stomach. Apart from this, drinking water prepared by it increases the power to fight diseases. The risk of diseases remains low with the heart-healthy. So let's get about the other benefits of eating fennel ...
Make the digestive system strong

Many people, especially children, have indigestion problems. In this case, consuming fennel is very beneficial. To get relief from this, mix 2 tablespoons fennel with two cups of water and boil it till it becomes 1/4. Then sieve the prepared water with the help of a sieve. After the water cools down, drink it 1-1 teaspoon 2-3 times a day. Indigestion and other stomach related problems will be relieved.

Reduce stress

People who are struggling with depression. Drinking fennel water is very beneficial for them. It works better by calming the mind. It also helps in reducing stress. For this, 1 tablespoon water should be drunk in lukewarm water.
Reduce fat

Due to the high intake of vitamins, calcium, and fiber in fennel, taking water in it keeps the stomach full for a long time. In such a situation, the risk of weight gain is low.

Increase eyesight

Eating 1 tablespoon of fennel mixed with 1/2 tablespoon sugar candy daily helps in increasing eyesight. Apart from this, you can make a powder of fennel and sugar candy by mixing it with milk daily at night. This reduces the risk of problems associated with increasing eye light.
Keep your stomach healthy

Eating 1 tablespoon of fennel after eating daily keeps the stomach healthy. Consumption of it reduces the risk of stomach related diseases. Especially those who have constipation problems. They should consume it.

Beneficial in periods

Women who have trouble with not having periods regularly. They should drink 1 tablespoon of fennel mixed with lukewarm water on an empty stomach every morning during periods. The anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial properties present in it, along with regularizing of periods, provide relief from period pain.
Take care of heart

Drinking fennel water daily keeps blood pressure under control. In this way, the risk of heart-related diseases is less.