Viral News: It is said that when someone loves, he does not see anything like country, religion, color, age, and caste. Love is above all these things. The same thing happened with a girl in America. She has fallen in love with a man almost three times her age. Although some people are also raising questions on this sacred relationship of theirs. criticizing them. They are also making many allegations against the couple. But the loving couple is very happy with each other and wants to spend the whole life together.

The girl fell in love with 44-year-old manAccording to a report published in The Sun, the name of a 24-year-old girl who was in love with 68-year-old Herb Dickerson is Connie Cotton. Connie first met Herb while working for the homeless. Connie fell in love with Herb in the very first meeting.

The couple had to face criticism from peopleConnie told that people are very shocked to see her with Herb. Most of the people comment that I am greedy for his money. At the same time, some other people also say that Herb only loves my body because I am much younger than him. But this is not true. We both love each other very much.

lover couple got engagedLet us tell you that the couple currently lives in Virginia, USA. Herb and Connie got engaged about 18 months ago. Herb has lived with her parents at Connie's house for almost a year.

a girl fell in love at first sightConnie said that I had fallen in love with Herb at first sight. From the very first meeting, I started feeling that we must have some connection or the other. Then we started spending time together. Slowly we fell in love with each other.

What does the boyfriend think about the relationship with Connie?Herb said that I did not understand at first what to do? In the beginning, she used to flirt with me. I didn't know why she used to do this, but later I accepted her love. My family members also at first denied that she was coming to me for money, but gradually everyone agreed. Connie's parents are also happy with me now. I stayed with him for almost a year during the lockdown.