Who does not like eating hot parathas during the winter season? Apart from potato, radish, cabbage, various types of parathas are made at home in this season. But when it comes to the paratha of radish, then it must be kept informed about when it should be eaten and when not. This is because sometimes it can create problems for you. By the way, radish parathas are good for the digestive system because radish helps in cleaning the intestines.

At the same time, eating radish does not cause problems like indigestion, stomach pain, diarrhoea. Therefore, people experiencing stomach problems are advised to consume radish. It works to detox the stomach. In this case, radish parathas can also prove beneficial for your health. But while doing some such work, radish parathas should not be consumed, let's know why?

Before travelling

If you are going to travel then avoid consuming radish paratha. Actually, during the journey, we remain seated at one place and we cannot move, due to which the gas present in the stomach is not released. Due to prolonged gas in the stomach, you are likely to have problems like headaches, stomach pain, and nausea. So try to eat plain paratha or light food before travelling.

Take care if you are going on a date

Even though radish is full of medicinal properties, the dishes made from it should be eaten at the right time. It is often consumed to get relief from the gas problem, but if you are going on a date, then avoid eating it. Eating radish parathas in breakfast in the morning and going on a date can harm you rather than a benefit because in addition to the release of gas from the stomach, it also causes a bad smell from the mouth. In this case, not only your partner but no one will like to sit with you.

Before going to the office meeting

If you are going to a meeting, do not eat radish paratha at all. Otherwise, you will become a character of laughter and you may have to face embarrassment. So if you are going to meet someone in connection with any meeting or office, do not consume radish parathas. If you are working from home or attending an online meeting, you can consume radish parathas.

Concentration may break

If you are going to worship, do not eat radish parathas before this. Because it clears the digestive system, due to which the stomach gas continuously comes out or can also burp. Concentration can be disturbed while doing worship or while studying. So if you are going to worship or studying together with friends, then avoid eating radish parathas.