The plant we are talking about is the grasshopper. Which grows in considerable quantities throughout India. Nagarmotha grows as a weed in India. It makes perfume and is used as a medicine. In Sanskrit it is called Nagarmustak or Bhadra Mustak. Nagarmotha makes perfume and Nagarmotha is used as a medicine.

Nagarmotha is found in abundance in moisture and aquatic areas throughout India. Its plants are found up to a height of 6 thousand feet above sea level. Even in a very dry state like Rajasthan, this grass is seen more in the rainy season and on the banks of the pokhar. The leaves of Nagarmotha are 6 inches long and quite thin.

Nagarmotha is a weed plant. It grows spontaneously in the vicinity of wet places, especially rivers. This weed has a lot of medicinal properties. Due to this, Nagarmotha is in great demand in Ayurveda medical business. Grind the Nagarmotha and mix jaggery in it and make tablets of it and feed it to the women to cure menstrual periods.

Taking equal amount of powder of Nagarmotha and Gokhru to a person with gout disease and taking it is very beneficial in arthritis. In case of eye disease, give water to Nagarmotha in an earthen pot at night and soak it. After getting up in the morning, filter the water and wash your eyes with it, in 7 days, eye diseases are cured.