Often, humans take certain decisions in their lives that change their lives and surprise others as well. One such surprising decision was taken by the female racer Renee Grassi, who flirted with Australia's racing track and now she has changed her career track to become an adult film star. She has taken this decision due to her financial condition and now she is earning millions every day.

Former Australian car racing player Gracie had been trying his luck in the sport for many years. She also became Australia's first full-time female car racer in 2015 but was soon beaten by another female driver in the race. After this, despite many attempts, she struggled on the racing track, due to which she also had difficulty in getting sponsors.

25-year-old Renee Grassi was a V8 supercar driver but was not earning as much in the sport and her financial condition also started deteriorating. In such a situation, Renee decided to become an adult star and then decided to leave the car and race for life in front of the camera. As Renee, she earns money by selling her photos. They are now earning up to 25 thousand dollars per week or about 19 lakh rupees.

Renee, while stepping into this field, saw a page on the Internet on which she could earn by selling her nude (intimate photos) and videos. After this, he started working here and in the first week, he earned three thousand dollars (about two and a half lakh rupees).

Renee Grassi says, 'I have made the right decision of my life by coming to this industry because it has made me financially strong. Here I earn more than I ever thought. I like this work. Renee says that she no longer wants to remember her old days and because of being successful here, she now wants to continue it.