If you have acne stains or dark circles on your face, then this cream made from fenugreek seeds can help you.

The natural things used for skincare have the same effect. Where we are talking about natural things, we must look around us once. Don't know how many things are around us that will be very good for skin and hair. Stay away from chemicals as much as you can and use as much of the things present in your home for your skin and hair as possible. If you have faith in home remedies, then you can make a cream for yourself that can not only affect your acne spots but can also be effective for dark circles. Today we are going to tell you a special cream made from fenugreek seeds.

It may be that this question is coming in your mind at the moment, why are we using fenugreek only. So let me tell you that fenugreek contains many vitamins and minerals. It is rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It can also prove to be of great use to remove pimples and it works to reduce the melanin of the skin. In this case, you can understand how beneficial fenugreek can prove to be.

Today, the DIY cream that we are going to talk about, that cream will be made very easily and you will need only three ingredients.

What ingredients are needed to make DIY fenugreek cream

To make this cream, fenugreek seeds, pure aloe vera gel (or if taking aloe vera gel outside, take gel without colour and flavour or fragrance) and musk turmeric will be needed. Keep in mind that you can use pure gel found in the market here, or use the gel with aloe vera plant for yourself. If you want to store this cream for a long time, then take a market gel and if you can make new cream every week then take a natural gel. We will adjust you to take natural cream.

Kasturi turmeric is very good for skin care and at the same time, it does not leave any stain on the skin like normal turmeric. The skin will not feel yellow after applying it and it also reduces the irritation caused by turmeric. Therefore it is better for skincare.

How to make DIY fenugreek cream

To make it, you have to boil fenugreek seeds. Do not take too much water. If you have taken two spoons of fenugreek seeds then take 1.5 cups of water for it. But keep in mind that it has to boil till the water is reduced by half. Boil on medium heat so that the water does not blow. Also, you have to add half a teaspoon of oyster turmeric at this time. It will give a smooth look to the skin and by adding it at this time it will boil well with fenugreek seeds.

Now when you boil it and the water gets less to half than filter it. We just have to use this water. Add two teaspoons of aloe vera gel to two teaspoons of fenugreek water. Beat it well and your cream is just done. You can use the remaining water in a spray bottle as a toner.

Apply it on your face every morning and evening.

Keep in mind that if none of your ingredients suits you, then does not use it. Depending on your skin, decide what suits you and what doesn't. Everyone's skin is different and prescriptions also work differently.