Disha Patani is one of the talented and fit actresses of Bollywood. Disha is celebrating her 28th birthday today. Born in the small town of Bareilly, Disha made her mark in the industry in a very short time. Disha was quite naughty in childhood. Once Disha had said, "When I was younger, new telephones came at that time. And my sister I used to sit together and dial some random numbers and we used to just say 'Hi, I'm talking fly-by-fly'.

Disha came to Mumbai with just 500 rupees

The film journey of Disha was not easy. When Disha came to Mumbai from Bareilly, she had only 500 rupees. In an interview, Disha said that 'I used to live alone and work but never asked for help from the family.' Disha started her acting career in 2015 with South Movie 'Loafer'.

'M. s. Dhoni 'film gets recognition

Disha got the film 'M. s. Dhoni ' Disha made everyone crazy with her cute smile in the film. After this, he started getting offers from many films. With films like 'Baaghi' and 'Bharat', Disha has presented herself as a capable dancer and stunt actress. He then starred in the film alongside Hollywood superstar Jackie Chan.
Lives in crores house

Now Disha lives in a house of crores in Mumbai. According to the news, the price of his flat is around 5 to 7 crores. Disha often shares her home photos on social media. Disha has several butterflies in her bedroom. Disha Patani has given a special place to Nature in her house. Disha lives in her house with a lovely cat and Daggy. She has also shared many pictures of these two on Instagram.

Tiger Shroff's girlfriend is Disha

Actress Disha Patani is dating actor Tiger Shroff, though the two call each other good friends. Earlier, Disha used to date TV actor Partha Samatha. The two had a breakup after being in a relationship for 1 year. The direction is often spot on with Tiger.