Most of the people who are fond of cooking spend much of their time in the kitchen because such people keep doing new experiments. Also, they need everything perfect in the kitchen. If your nature is something like this, then let us know the small tricks of the kitchen which will not only make your kitchen work easy but will also save you time. Let's look at some new and special tips for the kitchen ...

- Tomatoes are not only used to bring flavor to the food but also to enhance its color. But despite adding lots of tomatoes many times, the color of the vegetable is not made well. In such a situation, if you add a small piece of beetroot while blending the tomatoes, both the taste and the color of the vegetable will be wonderful.

- To brighten the old and darkened gas burner, keep it immersed in vinegar overnight. Get up in the morning and clean it with a brush.

If you want to eat chicken fried in the evening, then if you want to eat boneless chicken, add salt and pepper on it and stir fry in the pan. By cooking such chicken it will be a juicy and soft cook.

- If the husband or children cut the apple in tiffin and it turns black, then after cutting the apple, rub lemon on each slice. Apples will not be black.

- Fresh eggs are often mixed with stale eggs in the fridge. To find the difference between fresh and stale eggs, put them in a bowl of water. The old egg will float on the water. You can use it first.

Many times we forget to remove butter from the fridge to apply butter to bread. If this happens to you from now on, take a glass of hot water. Take out the water in a glass and place a plate of butter on it. Butter will soon be on the normal temperature.