Whenever it comes to the tension of America, the first name comes from North Korea. Donald Trump and Kim Jong have been seen to be talking about nuclear tests for a long time. North Korea is considered to be different and unique from the whole world because the laws there are very strange which have been criticized all over the world. Today we are going to tell you about some such things in North Korea which surprise the whole world. So let's know about it.

- There is law in North Korea that ordinary citizens cannot buy cars here. Only the army and government officials are allowed to own cars here.

- A model city named Kijong Dang is built in North Korea. North Korea has built this city on the right border, which is to woo the people of South Korea. But no one lives here. It is called a haunted city.

- People wearing blue jeans are prohibited in North Korea. Although tourists are allowed to wear blue jeans, you must wear pants of another color before going to the Memorial Hall of Kim II Sung and Kim Jong II.

- Taking a picture of poor people in North Korea is a legal offense. Indeed, North Korea believes that it tarnishes the country's image.

- You cannot get your favorite hair cut in North Korea. The government has released some designs for haircuts of people. People living in North Korea can get their hair cut by liking one of these designs.

- The founder of North Korea is called Kim II Sung. He was born in the year 1912. North Korea counts its new year from the year of his birthday.