Ganapathi Bappa is considered as Vighnaharta. Worshipping them gives you many benefits and fulfils all the wishes.

In our country nowadays, even pooja recitation has become convenient. Earlier worship meant reciting the supreme power with full heart and soul in mantras and rituals. But as the technological leap is increasing with time, the whole concept of the worship of the gods has changed widely. Today people can be seen talking to others, watching television and even eating or drinking and chanting the name of their deity. All this is the way of worship of people today.

But have you ever thought about the way you worship your God? Yes, it does matter and if you do it correctly then you can achieve a lot by reciting some mantras instead of wasting your time. Today, through this article, we are going to tell you the 8 real benefits of worshipping Lord Ganesha properly.


The elephant head of Lord Ganesha is a symbol of wisdom. So if you worship Ganesha, then you can acquire knowledge consciously or subconsciously. If you have chosen to worship Lord Ganesha as your supreme deity then it means that you like knowledge as one of his powers. Thus worshipping Lord Ganesha daily reminds you of your highest priorities of life and you pursue it to attain enlightenment.

Good luck

It is believed that Lord Ganesha is the god of good luck and wealth. If you become their devotee and work with your heart to achieve destiny, you will not return empty-handed. You will achieve an advanced state of dedication and will easily work towards the abundance of wealth and power in your life. All you have to do is follow their lessons in real life.

You will be patient

If you often lose your temper, patience is the key to controlling anger. Lord Ganesha's big ears symbolize that he is a good listener and gradually you develop an equal level of patience if you dedicate yourself to him and focus on your inner strength. This will help you become a better person.


Everyone dreams of a prosperous and healthy life and it depends to a large extent on the lifestyle you choose. When you choose Lord Ganesha as your deity and offer your worship to him, you enthusiastically work towards achieving success. You will find yourself determined and ready easily which will lead you towards your well being.

Your soul will be pure

By meditating and believing in Lord Ganesha you can notice the difference in your conduct and experience a feeling of peace. It is said that whoever dedicates their life to him cleanses the soul because you focus on good deeds and remove the negativity in your life that purifies your soul.

You become knowledgeable

Lord Ganesha is considered to be the greatest knower of all the gods. This is one of his strongest qualities. When you worship her with the sole purpose of enlightenment, you will see yourself transforming. With constant practice and persistent effort, you will climb the stairs of knowledge one by one and see the power of knowledge.

All obstacles are overcome

Ganesh ji is considered to be a Vighnaharta. When you worship Lord Ganesha with full faith, He guides you and gives you the courage to fight against all things. You can overcome all the obstacles in your life by conquering your fears. You unlock the hidden qualities inside you and overcome any difficult situation easily.

Your life will be peaceful

If you worship Ganesha then your life is peaceful, personally and professionally. You realize responsibilities and work towards achieving your goal. As a result, your life becomes peaceful and you are not stressed about every little thing.

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