In this time of lockdown, people are worried about money and are focusing more on savings. Although shops are now opening, it will take time to get back on track. In such a situation, everyone wants to be blessed by mother Lakshmi and come to their house. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about some such signs which reflect the grace of Goddess Lakshmi on you and point towards being rich. So let's know about these signs.

The behaviour of the people of the house

When Goddess Lakshmi is pleased and arrives at her home, then the behaviour of the people first changes. The feeling of euphoria, raga-malice, and the ego starts decreasing and mutual love and harmony in the family increases. There is a synergy between husband and wife in the house and there is no atmosphere of discord between them. So when it starts to feel that harmony and love have started growing in the family, then understands that Goddess Lakshmi will be blessed by you.

Ants look like this

If you ever see a black ant carrying rice grains in the mouth, it is considered a very auspicious sign. Akshat Maa is loved by Lakshmi, so it is seen as associated with wealth. It is not good to see red ants in the house. It is said that if red ants appear in the house, then debt increases on you.

See two-faced snakes

If you ever see a two-faced snake in your house, it is a very auspicious sign. It is considered very auspicious to go out into their home. This snake is not venomous. It should never attempt to kill, but leave the path to go. The arrival of such a snake brings with it money and prosperity.

Cuckoo bird sings on your roof

While the sound of cuckoo bird dissolves in the ears, it is considered very auspicious in terms of money. Auspicious and inauspicious also depends on the timing and direction of the cuckoo's singing. It is believed that if the cuckoo is heard from the south-east direction during the morning, the damage is done. But in the evening, you get some good news. Voice of cuckoo in the afternoon is considered auspicious, especially when you are going for some important work. Cuckoo sitting on a mango tree is considered a sign of Lakshmi's arrival.

Lizard falling on your hand

If suddenly the lizard falls on your right hand and suddenly tries to climb upwards, then understand that the path of your progress is going to open and you are going to get the money from somewhere. The lizard may look dirty, but brings with it a sign of wealth.