Blood pressure or hypertension problems are seen in many people today. If its symptoms are not identified early, it is called the silent killer. A sudden increase in blood pressure is very dangerous. Due to its increase, the blood flow in the arteries of the heart starts increasing rapidly. Many people take medicines to keep it under control. But this can also be controlled by some domestic measures. So let's know about those home remedies ...

freshly ground black pepper

In today's time, many people are troubled by the problem of high blood pressure. In such a situation of a sudden increase in blood pressure, by mixing a little pepper in 1/2 glass of water, drinking it provides relief. Apart from this, consuming black pepper also helps in weight control.

Eating two buds of garlic on an empty stomach daily in the morning keeps blood pressure under control. If you do not like to eat it, then you can consume it by extracting its juice by mixing 5-6 drops in water.


High blood pressure patients should take 1 raw amla daily. Apart from this, it can also be drunk by mixing its powder with water. Anti-oxidants present in amla, control anti-bacterial blood pressure, and reduce the risk of diseases of the body.

Drinking turmeric mixed with milk with medicinal properties relieves the problem of high BP. Apart from milk, it can also be consumed by mixing in tea or ginger powder.


Triphala is also beneficial for relieving problems of high BP. For this, mix 20 grams of Triphala in 1 glass of water and soak it overnight. Sieve this water in the morning with the help of a sieve. Mix honey in prepared water and consume it on an empty stomach.