In this time of summer, where mercury is increasing, it is necessary to provide coolness to your body so that health remains. During these days of summer, it has been observed that there is a problem of bleeding from the nose during increasing body heat or excessive consumption of chili spices, in which blood starts coming out from the nose. Dizziness, heavy feeling of head, and wandering of mind are its problems. Today in this episode, we are going to tell you some easy remedies which will work to get rid of the problem of bleeding from the nose. So let's know about them.

When the hemorrhage arrives, wrapping ice in the cloth and keep it on the nose of the patient also stops hemorrhage.

- Dissolve honey in water and apply it on the nostril, it stops bleeding from the nose.

- Drinking the juice of vine leaves mixed with water is beneficial.

- In the summer season, putting cardamom in apple marmalade stops bleeding from the food.

- By pouring cold water on the head, bleeding from the nose stops.

- When nosebleed comes, one should breathe through the mouth instead of the nose.

- By cutting onions near the nose and sniffing, the nose stops bleeding.

- When flowing through the nose, the head should be tilted forward.

Soak a tablespoon of Multani mitti in half a liter of water at night. Drinking that water in the morning will benefit from the problem of bleeding from the nose.

- By eating about 15-20 grams gulakanda with milk in the morning and evening, an old and old merge of hemorrhage is also cured.

- Cook vine leaves in water and mix sugar candy or sugar in it and drink it stops bleeding from the nose.