The history of this independent India has also been unique, where there have been many such accidents which do not forget. One such heart-wrenching incident took place in Assam in the year 1983 known as the Nellie Massacre. However, very few people still know about it. More than 2000 people were killed in this massacre in just seven hours. However, according to non-government data, this number is more than three thousand.

This horrific massacre took place on 18 February 1983 in Assam. Now there is a long history behind why this happened Actually, Assam used to be a happy state before. The Ahom dynasty considered here before 1826, but the British later took it under their control. In the early 19th century, the British started bringing labourers from Bengal and Bihar to work in the tea plantation, which later settled in Assam. Now that Assam is bordering Bangladesh, so many people have been coming to Assam through illegal infiltration from there. Later he also got the right to vote. Against this, there was a movement in the state in the 1980s, which later became the cause of the massacre.

It was the morning of February 18, 1983. Thousands of tribals in Assam surrounded the Bangladeshi people living in 14 villages in the Neli region. More than two thousand people were killed in just seven hours. At that time the state police were also accused of being involved in this horrific massacre.
It is said that most of the people who died in this massacre were women and children, who could not escape from their lives. The aftermath of the massacre was terrifying. In the Nelly area, there were only dead bodies lying everywhere. In many places, there were 200–300 corpses lying together. It was indeed a very painful and heartbreaking event.

It is said that initially hundreds of reports were filed regarding the Nellie massacre and some were even arrested, but the perpetrators of this horrific massacre did not go far to prosecute them. Yes, it happened so much that the families of those killed in this massacre were given five thousand rupees as compensation.