Love is the most beautiful feeling of life, but this love becomes a risk to our life especially when it is one-sided. In one-sided love, either the person in front of you understands you or a person is flourishing in his mind for whom there is no such thing as a human being. Similar heartbreaking news has come from Faridabad. Where 2 boys shot a B.Com student publicly and killed him. CCTV footage of this incident has also been revealed. This case is being described as one-sided love.

According to police officials, the name of the girl is Nikita, who was a student of BCom final year and came to do the exam at Agarwal College, Ballabhgarh. When she came out of college after giving exams, a young man in an I-20 car tried to force her into the car. When the girl refused to sit, the accused shot her and escaped. This incident can be seen in CCTV footage.

The girl was admitted to the hospital after being shot, where doctors declared her dead. According to the information received, the youth shot the B.Com Second Year student in broad daylight in a one-sided love outside the Agarwal College on Milk Plant Road, Ballabhgarh.

According to the news, a young man named Taufik, a resident of Rozka Meo, used to study with Nikita till the 12th standard. He also pressured her for friendship, but he flatly refused. In the year 2018, the accused kidnapped the girl, but due to the local population, the family compromised.

The police have registered a case against Taufik on the complaint of the student's brother Naveen. Naveen said that on Monday, Nikita went to college to take the exam. A little ahead of the college gate, an I-20 car came and stopped near it. Taufik came out of it. He tried to drag Nikita into the car when Taufik saw his mother and brother. He pulled out the gun and fired at Nikita, who hit her shoulder. When she was shot, she bled down there. While taking action in this case, the police have rounded up the accused Tafik.