It is said that if you want to buy something, then it is very important to have money in your pocket. However, many things come very cheap, so a lot of money has to be paid to buy some things. The same horse-shoe is also for the blood of the crab, for which you have to spend millions of rupees.

Have you ever heard that the blood of horse-shoe crab found in water is less than any nectar for medical science. At the same time, the blood of this crab is not sold in thousands, but at Rs 10 lakh per liter. For your information, tell that 5 lakh crabs blood is extracted every year. At the same time, the most surprising thing is that this creature is killed for its quality.

There is a substance called copper best hemocyanin in its blood, due to which its blood color is blue. The blood of this crab is injected into the human body to identify dangerous bacteria. Doctors do this because this blue blood identifies dangerous bacteria inside the human body very accurately. Due to which the negative effects of the drug are detected in the human body.