Whenever a government official is involved in India, corruption first comes to mind. However, there is also a government woman officer who herself works in the fields for the poor. We are talking about 34-year-old Taslima Mohammed, hailing from Jaishankar Bhupalpalli district in Telangana, Mulugu, who has become the messiah for the poor and the needy.
Do farming for the poor

Taslima works as a sub-registrar in the district. Their job is to take care of the records of property and taxes of the district. But at the same time, they get happy with the help of the poor and needy. She works in the fields, earning her 250–300 rupees a week. But she uses these funds to solve the problems of the district and help the farmers.

Makes farmers aware

The biggest reason for Taslima's concern is the rise of the resourceless Gutti Koya tribe living in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh. Taslima says that this district has an important place in farming-farmer. She has been working in the field on the last day of every week for the last 6 years. Along with this, she keeps the farmers aware of government schemes.
Father's death at the hands of Naxalites

She got this inspiration from an incident with his father. His father was killed by the Naxalites. After the father's death, her mother took charge of the house and started farming on 5 acres of land but due to financial constraints, her land was sold. However, her mother did not give up farming, which also kept her alive.

Officer holder made by mother's struggle

Due to financial constraints, Taslima's mother had to work very hard for her studies too. A fee of Rs 13,000 was required to be paid for coaching the government examination, for which her mother used to struggle hard. Taslim says that whenever I see a poor person, I remember my mother's suffering.
Taslima gets happiness with the help

Apart from helping the farmers and the needy, Taslima also works to take the young children to their homes. Not only this, but Tasleem also carried the responsibility of a 15-year-old girl who lost her parents due to an accident. She has given new life to 17 children so far. Also, during the lockdown, more than 300 students and young professionals were motivated to do farming, so that they could help their families. Half of Taslim's earnings are spent on social service, but this makes her happy.

Thousands of followers on Facebook

Taslima is called ‘Gutti Kole Peddaka’ (sister of Gutta Koya tribes) for her endearing works. On Facebook, she has a 'Sub-Registrar Taslima Followers' page named after her, designed to help others. More than 1,500 people are following it.