Instead of solving the case of the Sushant case is getting complicated day by day. Three months after the actor's death, the real cause of his death has not been known. At the same time, many close revelations are being made close to Sushant. Now recently, the manager of the actor's Pavana farmhouse has revealed the shocking secret.

Riya was always partying

The manager of the farmhouse told in an interview to a news channel that Riya's brother Shouvik Chakraborty was drunk all the time. The manager said, 'Rajat Mewati, Sushant's house manager in Mumbai, told me that Riya was always partying. While Sushant used to sleep in the upstairs room. Whenever I saw Shouvik, he used to smoke and was drunk. '

Sushant was troubled by Riya's expenses

He further states that Shruti Modi started coming from July last year. At the same time, after Riya's arrival, the expenses had increased and she used to calculate all the expenses. The farmhouse manager further states that Rajat told him that all the money was withdrawn from Sushant's account. When Sushant got information about Riya's expenses, he was very upset.

Riya came to the farmhouse with Sushant on his birthday

The manager further said, 'Last year Riya came to the farmhouse with Sushant on his birthday. The day before my birthday, I saw Riya's mother, Papa, and brother Shouvik together. Then there was also a girl with Shouvik. '

Let me tell you that in the interrogation done by the CBI, Samuel had confessed to Miranda that Riya used to pay money on Sushant's money. Apart from this, Samuel had also told that when the expenses started getting higher, Sushant had also asked to curb these expenses.