Riya Chakravarty came to the media 2 months after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, after which Riya answered many such questions that were in the minds of all the fans. Let us tell you that earlier Riya had made many allegations against Sushant's family, whereas now Riya has raised many questions about Sushant and his family one more time.

Riya attacked Sushant's family

Recently, Riya said in a conversation with a channel that the relationship between Sushant and his father was not good, not only that Riya had also made many shocking revelations about Sushant's sister Priyanka and accused them that Priyanka has exploited him, now Sushant's sister Shweta has given a befitting reply to Riya on all these charges.
What will you answer to your soul: Shweta

Shweta has recently tweeted and heard Riya as unhappy. Shweta tweeted and wrote, 'I wish brother never met that girl. Giving drugs to someone without her consent and then convincing her that you are not well, taking her to psychiatrists, what level of manipulation is this. What answer will you give to your soul?
Shweta did another tweet

Not only this, in her next tweet, Shweta says, 'Riya said in her interview that we do not love our brother. Yes, that's why I came to India from America in January because as soon as I came to know that my brother is going to Chandigarh and he is not well. I had to stop my business and leave my children behind. The sad thing was that when I reached there I could not even meet my brother. The brother had already left from Chandigarh because of Riya's constant calls and some work. The family always stood firm with him.
Riya also raised questions on the father's relationship

Let me tell you that Riya had raised questions about the relationship between Sushant and his father, while Sushant's family has expressed displeasure over all these things, on the other hand, Sushant's fans are also surprised by these things.