Many revelations are taking place in the Sushant case. At the same time, CBI is engaged in solving the case by interrogating Sushant's close friends and friends. Meanwhile, well-known actor Deepak Kajir has given his statement on Sushant's death. Deepak Kajir played Sushant's father in the TV serial 'Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil'.

This clear cut murder

Recently, in an interview given to a website, Deepak Kazir said that Sushant has not committed suicide, it is a clear cut murder. He says that there is a connection in the deaths of Disha Salian and Sushant. How can it be that both committed suicide but no suicide note was found from them? He said that Sushant was a patient. He cannot commit suicide.

Questions raised on Sandeep Singh

Deepak talked about Sushant's diary and said that if the person who wrote everything, why did he not write anything before the suicide. Deepak says that he cannot believe that Sushant has committed suicide. Just a theory of Sushant being in depression is being made. He was never a victim of depression. Regarding Sandeep Singh, he said that he never met Deepak nor saw him. For the first time, Deepak was seen on a news channel where he called himself Sushant's friend.

Not only this, but Deepak has also questioned Sandeep Singh in the Sushant case. He says that from whom he collected Sushant's Aadhaar card and other IDs. How did Sushant's purse come to him? While all these things should have been with the police. Regarding the investigation of the Mumbai Police, he said that the investigation of this case has not been done properly.