Born in Italy, studying in England, and getting married in India's largest political family, the woman who got the honor is Sonia Gandhi. Sonia Gandhi, the woman who has had the good fortune to hold the command of the oldest political party in the country with Nehru-Gandhi's legacy, for the longest time. Sonia Gandhi is the woman who had to bear the sorrow of sacrificing her mother-in-law (Indira Gandhi) and husband (Rajiv Gandhi). Sonia Gandhi is currently the President of the Congress. In the Indian political world, Sonia Gandhi comes from the beautiful city of Italy, where she met Rajiv Gandhi.

After marrying an Indian politician, he decided to leave his country and come to India and made himself well dressed in saris. But no one can forget the taste and food of his childhood. Therefore Italian Italian Sonia also loves Italian food the most. Sonia Gandhi loves home made pasta and salad the most.

He is also known for making the most luxurious red chili oil which makes for an excellent salad base. Sonia Gandhi also makes a red chilli oil which is used to make salad dressing bases. She often cooked delicious pasta for her mother-in-law Indira Gandhi. But it is not that Sonia does not like Indian food. She also always tries Indian food and loves to eat Gujarati, South Indian and other dishes.