We have been doing all the household chores, including cleaning, washing, and cooking, due to which our hands are the most affected. This causes the skin dryness of our hands to be the most problematic. One can use these easy home remedies to make the skin soft, smooth, and shiny.

Lemon nourishes our skin and helps in removing skin irritations. Lemon helps in the formation of new cells by removing dead skin and exfoliates the skin. This removes the problem of our dry hands.

For this, you should use this material-
2 teaspoons - salt
3 tablespoons - olive oil or coconut oil
1/2 - Lemon juice

The paste made in this way—
Add salt, oil, and mix in a small bowl. Then squeeze half a lemon and mix.
- Apply the mixture on your palms both front and back.
- Rub the most squeezed lemon.
Apply the mixture well on your hands for two to three minutes and wash your hands with clean water. Using a paste made of lemon juice every day removes the dryness of our hands and coconut oil Helps to make it soft and soft.
You can prevent the skin of hands from getting dry by massaging coconut oil every day. It nourishes our skin, which removes the problem of facial skin rash and dryness in the winter season.