It is necessary to take special care of the skin during the winter season as the skin troubles are more during the winter season. With the dryness of the facial skin during the winter season, the skin of hands also becomes dry and dry. During the season, skin dryness increases due to such tasks as cleaning the house, washing clothes, and cooking.In such a situation, today we are giving information about an easy home remedy to get soft, smooth, and youthful-looking skin on your hands.

Remedy to keep hands soft and soft-
You know that lemon helps in removing dead skin and exfoliates the skin. It provides necessary nutrition to our skin, which removes skin irritations and it enhances the glow of our skin. Lemon juice, salt, olive oil, or coconut oil can be used to protect from dryness.

Prepare paste like this-
In a small bowl, add salt, olive, or coconut oil and mix. Then squeeze the juice of half a lemon and mix. After this, you apply the mixture well on your palms, both front, and back. Rub your hands with the squeezed lemon. Let the mixture rest on your hands for two to three minutes and then wash your hands with clean water. After this, you can use moisturizer cream on your hands. This will keep the skin of the hands soft and soft.