Does unwanted hair on your face embarrass you?

Do these hairs do not completely remove even after suffering the pain of waxing and eclipse the beauty of the face?

If yes, then we are going to tell such a home remedy by which you can get rid of unwanted facial hair in minutes and also make the skin glowing.

Yes, we are talking about the use of alum. Beauty can be maintained by removing facial hair with a recipe prepared by mixing some other ingredients in alum. Let us know how alum can be used to remove unwanted facial hair.

Uses of alum

Most people do it after shaving to reduce irritation. There are many types of alum, but potassium alum is commonly used for household purposes. Apart from removing unwanted hair, it is used to reduce any kind of cut injury in the skin and to reduce bleeding. Its use as a face pack helps in reducing blemishes and acne and providing flawless skin.

Alum for hair removal

Alum has been used since ancient times as a home remedy to remove unwanted facial hair and it works really well and can be used effectively to remove facial and body hair. A mixture of alum powder and water or rose water can be applied all over the face and body. This paste slows down the growth of facial hair over time. Alum acts mildly abrasive when rubbed on the skin and helps in getting rid of facial hair permanently. Dryness of the skin can be avoided by using rose water with alum.

Necessary Ingredients

  • Alum Powder - 2 tsp
  • Rose water - 4 tsp
  • Lemon juice - 4 drops
  • Turmeric - 1 pinch

Method to prepare

  • First, prepare alum powder and put it in a bowl.
  • Mix rose water, lemon juice, and turmeric in alum powder and prepare a paste.

How to use

  • Cleanse the face thoroughly with a cleanser and face wash.
  • Apply the prepared paste well on the face.
  • Allow the paste to dry and when the paste is about to dry completely, start rubbing in circular motions.
  • Slowly remove the alum face pack from the face.
  • This pack weakens the roots of unwanted facial hair and helps in hair removal.

Hair removal time

Use this pack of alum at least twice a week. By doing this, there is a reduction in the growth of facial hair and the growth of facial hair starts decreasing gradually over time. The time taken to remove unwanted hair will largely depend on how thick and thick your hair is. If the facial hair is very thick then it will take some time for the hair roots to weaken. Even though rose water prevents dryness of the skin, but if you have extremely dry skin, alum can make the skin dry, so always use a moisturizer after doing this treatment.

Using alum is a great recipe to remove unwanted facial hair, but do a patch test before using it on sensitive skin.

Image Credit: freepik