Some old WhatsApp chats of Priyanka Singh, sister of Shant Singh Rajput, have surfaced. He sent this chat to his brother-in-law OP Singh. In these messages, Priyanka expressed suspicion over the intentions of girlfriend Riya Chakraborty and asked that Sushant be released from his clutches as soon as possible.

'Sushant has to be saved'

According to a Times Now report, Priyanka told brother-in-law OP Singh in her chat that the family will now have to come together to save Sushant as time is passing by. Samuel Miranda and Shruti Modi are two of Riya's special companions who are involved in Riya's conspiracy to harm Sushant financially, mentally, and physically. Riya's motive is to rejoice at Sushant's money and make connections in the industry on his own. Riya is using Sushant for work, fame, and money. This is Riya's Bollywood dream.

Sushant became mentally weak

Priyanka further wrote in her chat that Sushant was taking medicines that were given to him by the doctors whom Riya took him with. Priyanka wrote, "He is eating the medicines prescribed by the three doctors. Rani Di has her soft copy. Gulshan (Sushant) is mentally disturbed and has started to get sick due to which he is not in a position to do anything for himself and is now taking too many medicines. '

Hearing these things of Priyanka, brother OP Singh sent a message to Sushant in which he wrote, "Family members are concerned about your health. They feel that you are caught in the clutches of the wrong people who are giving you the wrong medicines and discouraging you by reducing your hunger and sleep so that you can keep them under your control. '

'He is misusing your contact and wasting your money. They have driven away from your trusted team and controlled your life. This day looks like roaring robbery and kidnapping. I am informing Bandra's DCP about this. If something goes wrong, the police should know about it. '