Corona is rapidly engulfing the whole world. The Corona Warriors are working hard all day to save the lives of the people who are struggling with it. But if we talk to the doctors, at this time they are facing many difficulties in treating patients suffering from the corona. Wearing heavy PP kits and masks for hours every day brings many problems. In such a situation, many Corona Warriors put their photos on social media, which quickly become viral. People thank their work supporting them.

In this way, the picture of a Pakistan woman doctor is becoming increasingly viral on social media. His name is Nusrat. He reached this corona ward and clicked on his photo. In this picture, he has removed the mask from his face. In such a situation, the marks of the mask on the face are pointing towards their hard work and dedication. She also shared this picture in her Twitter account and wrote, "I may need a new face after moving to the Corona ward." Also, she says that Kovid doesn't know it all.

But on his tweet, people encourage him and make many messages like someone said, you should be proud of yourself.

On this tweet, a user wrote, 'We thank you for what you are doing.'

The same other wrote, 'This is humanity.'

Someone praised him and wrote, "You don't need a new face."

Also, a user wrote, "I salute you for this work".

Here, let us tell you that after sharing this picture by the doctor, in a few hours, 43 thousand likes and more than 4 thousand have received re-tweets.