Not only the common people get the shock of higher electricity bills but celebs also get a strong shock. Something similar happened with Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu. The electricity bill of Taapsee Pannu's house has come so much that his senses were blown away. Taapsee has also shared screenshots of three bills on her Twitter.

The screenshot shared is 35 thousand 890 rupees on one bill, 3 thousand 850 rupees on the second bill, and 4 thousand 390 rupees on the third bill. Tapasi made two tweets tagging Adani Electricity. In a tweet, the actress wrote, "It has been three months since the lockdown, I wonder what new equipment I have used or bought in the last one month that my electricity bill has increased so much." How are you charging us electricity bill?

In his second tweet, Taapsee wrote, 'This is the bill of the apartment where no one lives. It is visited only once a week for cleanliness only. Adani Electric Group, but now I am worried that maybe someone is using this apartment without even telling us. Do you know what the truth has told us?

After these taps from Tapsee, the company immediately messaged him and sent him new details of his bill. Before Tapsee, even stars like Veer Das, Amaira Dastur, Richa Chadha are upset with their increased electricity bill.