The war of words between Sanjay Raut and Kangana Ranaut is still not calm. Both leave no chance to target each other. Recently, in a conversation with a channel, where Kangana Ranaut had targeted Sanjay Raut, now Sanjay Raut has hit back at him.

Sanjay Raut spoke again on Kangana

Recently, Sanjay Raut talked about Kangana in a conversation with a channel. When he was asked about Kangana, he said, 'There are many such issues in the country which are more important than Kangana Ranaut. We should pay attention to them.
Sanjay Raut also said on Urmila Matondkar's statement

Let me tell you that Kangana, in a conversation with a channel in the past, called Urmila a 'soft porn star'. To which Sanjay Raut said, 'I follow the principle of Mahatma Gandhi - don't look bad, don't listen and don't speak badly. If someone talks like this, he shows his values.
There was a dispute with Kangana because of this

Actually, in the past, Sanjay Raut had threatened Kangana not to come to Mumbai, after which Kangana had given such a statement about Mumbai that she was opposed by everyone. After this, Sanjay Raut also used abusive language for Kangana. Which was condemned by many stars?